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by Amy L. Sargent

This empty year
the patched mattress
between this discussion

and our last
late breakfast
at your scarred table.

Your fingers
spread wings
on my bare neck;

you walked out
to find a knife
for the jam.

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3 Responses to “Brevity”

  1. Beth Browne says:

    I love this very evocative poem, the slow pace, the things hinted at, walked around very carefully. Amy’s name sounds familiar. Any chance we could get a short bio? I would love to read more. I’m off to google.

    Wonderful poem, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Beth Browne says:

    Found this on google:

    I love Office Hour I, absolutely love it. Keep up the good work, Amy!

  3. thank you, Beth! :) it means a lot!

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