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C’est L’Amour, N’est Pas

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

C’est l’amour, n’est pas?
Hot chirping, coers de papier,
Bangles, gin-dashed pomegranate
Juice: debauchees pari passu.

Next door, nuptials pari passu
Picnic: shared ripe pomegranate
Seeds, exchanged coers de papier;
Valentines. C’est l’amour, n’est pas?

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3 Responses to “C’est L’Amour, N’est Pas”

  1. Kristina Baer says:

    Oui, ou non? peut-être?
    C’est compliqué, l’amour.
    L’amour de près, l’amour de loin,
    déchire le cœur.
    C’est compliqué, l’amour, n’est-ce pas?

  2. Neal Whitman says:



    Am resisting to reply in my high school French –– would get it as wrong now as I did then. Thank you for, as always, posting a comment of worth.

    Amicus poeticae,

    Neal Whitman

  3. KJ Hannah Greenberg says:


    Whether one is matriculating through college, changing diapers on wiggly children, or counting the gray in a partner’s beard, love remains complicated. Nonetheless, without such connections, our lives would be bland in the least, meaningless, at most.
    Blessedly, I’ve shared all of those stages with the man about whom I wrote that poem.


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