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Ground truths

by Kristina Baer

There’s no time today
to lose my way
in the thickets
of the past.

There’s no time
to clear the way
for hope
or the future.

There’s only time
to watch that squirrel
bury an acorn
under the fig tree.

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7 Responses to “Ground truths”

  1. Neal Whitman says:

    for more good poets
    to write more good poems
    like our good poetess
    in her good time

    Yes, more good poems like Kristina’s,

  2. michele says:


    Fabulous use of the word “that”, as in: THAT squirrel. It jolts the attention in the most subtle but useful way. Like a perfect brush stroke in a spare line drawing. love to you, M

  3. Tom Edelson says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. John says:

    This hits home with me


  5. jan green says:

    I adore this

  6. This is a really excellent poem! I really love how the title ties in with the concept unveiled so well in this minimalistic type of poem. Consider this a compliment as well, as I am not a huge fan of poetry with this sort of structure (I am much more into lyricist poetry). If I’m not mistaken, the piece conveys a sort of existential sense of longing for the moment we are alive as opposed to necessary interest in the future. I can get behind that sort of message very easily with my own views and lifestyle. Great work all around!

  7. Magdalene Georgia says:

    Where else can i find you Kristina, which I can have daily or weekly bits to read from your insights?

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