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Hating Men

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

It’s not about hating men,
But about the span between
Moonlight and midnight.

Gravestone roses bloom
Into real assumptions, unless
Drinking, hair dying, and diets
Disquiet enough to rupture monogamous
Minding of sex or jobs.

Healthy children can not happen
While careers’ fears expresses.

Marital disassociations don’t
Offer much improvement.
Plus, ritualized relationships bring
Pain like light.

Breaking such scabs, as
Formed first from faith,
On football camps plates piled
Miles high with steak,
Merits drops of luminosity.

Select dispensed efforts,
Deign to enhance decades.

Yet, stalwarts assuage traditional seasons,
Causing repentance to sit,
Like so many adolescent teeth,
Encased in shiny metal.

Until he slaps back with
“That’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

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