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The Houses You See from the Highway

by Paul Hostovsky

It’s easy to love them,
the shapes of those lives,
the little huddled triangles
holding each other up
on the way into the city,
or the ones in the country
leaning only on themselves
and a silo, head in an elbow
on a hill. How beautiful
the detached view, how forgivable
all the little murders, driving by at 70,
looking into the lowered eyes of those dark houses.

Paul Hostovsky’s poetry collection Hurt Into Beauty can be found on Amazon.

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One Response to “The Houses You See from the Highway”

  1. Kristina says:

    124 tornadoes in 24 hours. Instruments calculate this force of nature, its strength unspeakable, incalculable. How poignant this poem about the fragile structure we call home, stalked within and without by deadly force.

    Your twelve lines says it all.

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