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Memo to the Reader

by Neal Whitman

I am leaving
for a new position
so I emailed everyone in the department
to ask if they would be so kind
as to tell me what I could do better in the future.
My nemesis responded:
“Don’t be ridiculous.”
Was that his refusal to help
or his advice?

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2 Responses to “Memo to the Reader”

  1. Tom Edelson says:

    Did you actually intend “what I could be better”? I would have thought “what I could do better”, or “how I could be better”, or something.

    If that’s the way you want the line to be, though, for any reason or no reason, then okay. I am commenting just in case it actually is something like a typographical error.

  2. Neal Whitman says:

    I owe you! I am the worst typist/word processor in the World. I stare at a page and do not see my own mistakes. Thank you. I hope to DO better.


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