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Spring Haiku – 2011

by Neal Whitman

Spring Water… a bottled drink or the weather?

Spring Rain… a bath & shower gel or a romantic walk?

Whatever! It is a change of season, so it is time for haiku.

We started the 2011 haiku annual cycle feature indoors with a spinning wheel. Now, with the vernal equinox, we head outdoors, come rain or come shine. There we find the stuff of poetry: sweet showers of April follow March. Fast forward six centuries: “Now rain is falling, freshly, in the intervals between sunlight.” (Spring Rain by Robert Haas) On my end of town, (Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula) we head south on Highway One to Big Sur.

covering the coast
mist and sun and showers
rainbow bridges

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3 Responses to “Spring Haiku – 2011”

  1. nina whitcanack says:

    The chick is the BEST! We should sing the Coronation Anthem to HER/HIM. May the CHICK live FO-EVVA, fo-evva and evva.

    Thanks, Neal – I just adore your wordsmithyness, humor and sparkling mind. Hugs to you and Elaine Nina

  2. Neal Whitman says:

    Oh, Nina, you again prove that a poem not read is not finished. Same is so for photo of chick and egg. Who came first?
    Amicus poeticae,

  3. Elaine says:

    I love your image of the “rainbow bridges” along the Big Sur coast. Now you see them… now you don’t! The magic of ephemeral beauty. This haiku reminds us to keep our eyes open lest we miss the magic!

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