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Two Short Poems

by Alice Folkart Date Line The date line is fine with me, just can’t see that far, don’t know where you are, what day or time it is, We just whizz past it. God’s in his Heaven, all’s night on this world. Jet Lag The soul moves at its own pace will not win a […]

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The Impossibility of a Poem

by Alice Folkart Here is a poem, or collection of Haiku-like stanzas written during a bout of not writing: The Impossibility of a Poem Writer’s block and tackle? Hoist me up with a verse! The only meter I can find is the kind that counts kilowatt hours Even given time, no rhyme comes to mind […]

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Deep Deep Dark

by Alice Folkart She gets off the bus by the park, it’s almost dark, it’s dark, it’s dark, there are always men in the park, in the dark, dark, dark, some in the light, having a fight or playing baseball, strike one. Some men run and run and run, around the track, in and out […]

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Acrobatic Thinker

by Alice Folkart An acrobatic thinker, tinkers with the logic, mends the mind, bends it to his will, makes it spill over the dam screaming, I AM, I AM, but no one hears, or fears the voice. There is no choice but swim or sink, no time to think, just perform — ally oop!

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