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by Francine Marie Tolf We have lost our ability to name. We say collateral damage, downsizing, factory farm. Error in judgment. Extraordinary rendition. We say sky, but we don’t mean it. We say antelope, owl, as if these words had power. As if the names of animals hadn’t long fled back into animals, where they […]

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by Francine Marie Tolf Litte snake on the wet path reared its head, red tongue flickering. Like Saul, I halted, astonished by brightness.

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and God will wipe away every tear

by Francine Marie Tolf “and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes” At its center, the circle inverts: the food chain collapses, the lion eats straw. Yet tears are not reversed, but are wiped away. So necessary to me, that God who lets tears fall. Who touches a quail’s grief with his own […]

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