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Six Winter Poems

by Joan McNerney The morning mist roams back and forth like a voiceless wanderer.   More startling than that windowpane red with sun are your ice blue eyes.   Deep winterset night. Sleepless stars glide through the sky in aerial ballet.   Even Goya’s portraits are less intriguing than faces of frost on my window. […]

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Nine Short Summer Poems

by Joan McNerney Hallow mouth of the moon. Clouds cross forming an airy handkerchief. Luncheon by the lake. How lucky we are to have such a large finger bowl. Summer evening. Sun and moon share the sky in perfect symmetry. Splash. One word in oceans of sound. Who threw a ladle full of moonbeams on […]

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Five Fall Poems

by Joan McNerney A cup of coffee warm fat pancakes bubbling up my haiku breakfast. … Try to catch the wind. Count the ripples in the sea. Become a child again. … Shy autumnal bird did you brush against the moon to get that pale down? … Winds sway maple trees leaves drop like butterflies […]

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Ten Poems for Spring

by Joan McNerney Our woods are half dressed in fragile buds as dandelions sprout from nowhere. An apple blossom stolen from the park tree at dawn quivering with rain. What does this cat think strumming his tail with such ease to fugues of Bach?

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