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Ground truths

by Kristina Baer There’s no time today to lose my way in the thickets of the past. There’s no time to clear the way for hope or the future. There’s only time to watch that squirrel bury an acorn under the fig tree.

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And there was light

by Kristina Baer Urgent as intuition, brief as a sigh, it leaps across the fallow shadow field of the still-forming universe from its birthplace in the deep still blue of heaven’s vault: Divine thought into light.

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On Noga Beach

by Kristina Baer On Noga Beach sleepless at dawn, they watch the sky brighten above the lighthouse beyond the harbor. She holds his hand, fingertips cool as rain, as the sand warms in the morning light. Barefoot at the water’s edge, he turns to face the sun. Alone, standing watch on the beach, she conjures […]

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by Kristina Baer Astride the blossoms pollen baskets gold-brimmed, somnolent bees hum a praise song to the plum, skin satin-taut flesh fresh as a stolen kiss.

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Only Water

by Kristina Baer In the middle of the night, struck by a hit-and-run driver, the fire hydrant releases a geyser of water into the trees, into the gutter, down the hill, into the storm drains, thirsty these many summer months for the winter rains, late this year. Barefoot in the stream’s push-pull around my ankles, […]

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