Creating online tutorials is a great way to connect with potential clients and subscribers to your business or product in a new way. One of the main advantages of writing a tutorial is that you have the chance to show off your knowledge on a certain topic and impress other people that you know what you are talking about, you can then add links to your products and services at some point during the tutorial and people will be more likely to click on the link to see what else you have to offer.

There are lots of things to consider when creating an online tutorial. The first aspect is to make sure that you have chosen a topic that you know a lot about and have a new insight into that other people are likely to find useful. You can find a good example of a clear and useful tutorial here.

Make sure that the information in your tutorial is very clear and easy to follow. A good way to do this is to have a friend who knows nothing about the topic you are explaining read through the tutorial and see if it makes sense to them. You should break down your information into short individual steps so that the information is not overwhelming to your readers.

These steps can also be illustrated with photographs. These photographs will help to break up the text and will also help to present the information in another way. Remember that many people are visual and are likely to be able to understand the tutorial more easily if photographs are included. This will also be a boon for people who are reading the tutorial in a second language.

The last thing to consider is to make sure that your tutorial is entertaining. Even if the topic that you are describing is rather dry, injecting a little humour will help your audience to connect with it better.

Playing in online casinos is a staggeringly popular way for people to spend their time and money, and for each of the many casino sites that are hosted on the internet, there are many more sites dedicated to writing about them. Sadly, most of these sites have little value; so how can you keep your own casino blog useful and relevant? Here are a few ideas.

Stay up to Date

In addition to having a good overview of what is available at the casinos in question, a good casino blog needs to contain the very latest information. New games are added regularly, and there may be bonus codes and offers that change from week to week. If the casino site has a news section, use this like a press release to create your blog posts.

Be Honest

Too many casino blog posts and reviews are written like advertising copy. Users who are searching for honest opinions and content are often frustrated, as it’s difficult to know what to believe. Build trust with your readers by telling it like it is, and you’ll be rewarded with a loyal following.

Grade Your Language

Steady on, Shakespeare. This is a casino blog post, not a piece of literature. It can be tempting to use all the big words you know, but that can just come off as a bit pompous and obnoxious. Remember that this is written for a wide readership. You may not need to write for the so-called lowest common denominator, but don’t alienate or bore your readers with unnecessarily flowery language.

Add Some Humour

Not everyone has the gift of being funny, but we can all inject a bit of light-heartedness here and there. Try not to take yourself too seriously, and you’ll strike the right note.

Check Your Work

Even the best of us need a bit of help sometimes. If you want to write, but you think that your grammar and sentence structure might be a bit rusty, download some free software such as Grammarly to help you to correct your mistakes. Nothing turns readers off quite as quickly as reading a badly-written text.

If you have trouble with starting, finishing or structuring your short stories, you might want to go through the following checklist.

Getting Ideas

If you are interested in writing short stories, having ideas for them is probably not the problem. But if it is, the only tip to get those ideas flowing is to look around and observe your surroundings when you’re out and about in the world, and preferably do inspiring things yourself. Exciting ideas come from exciting lives – be it your own or somebody else’s.

Flowing Text

Do you have a great idea and a complete story in your mind, but you don’t seem to be able to execute it in the way you would like? This is not something you can work out by taking a course, but there are some tips that might help. First, read a lot. You might find a writer whose style intrigues you and decide to write your story in a similar style. When this is decided, writing is bound to be easier. Secondly, if you’re having writer’s block and everything you write seems to be of low-quality, the only way to get something done is to keep writing. You can always go back and rewrite the whole text if you like, but at least you will have something concrete to work with.


If you are the type of writer that gets a great, but vague, idea and starts writing immediately, you will probably hit a wall at some point. This is why planning is essential. There are different ways to plan the text. You can make a timeline with the most important events on it, or if the story is more of the pondering kind, you might want to write down the most important ideas you have for it, in the order that you think you are going to include them in the writing.