Writing an article that both informs and engages can be tricky. Even if you’re writing about a topic you’re familiar with, it’s not always easy to come up with an angle that will capture the reader’s imagination. It can also be difficult explaining more complex concepts in a way that all your readers can understand. Too much jargon can rapidly overwhelm a reader, while overexplaining can feel condescending and tedious. Here are some great examples of article writing that conveys information in a catchy, accessible way.One technique is to find a compelling narrative to get your point across. People connect more easily to stories than they do to dry pages of information. An example here might be Laura Hillenbrand’s Four Good Legs Between Us, a fascinating article on the famous racehorse Seabiscuit. By describing Seabiscuit’s career alongside the life and experiences of the horse’s owner and trainer, the author also offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of horse-racing as a sport. Even though the piece was written in 1998, it remains popular and widely read to this day.To pick an entirely different sport, The Trading Desk, by Michael Lewis, is a gripping exploration of the Oakland A’s early-2000s winning streak, examining how the team managed to do so well despite having few big names and a very low payroll.Sometimes narrative explorations aren’t really necessary and what your readers really need is a simple but thorough breakdown of the facts. Best Bonus Casino Online has a great selection of articles for those looking to understand gaming a little better, such as their piece on casino bonus requirements. In sensible layman’s terms, the article breaks down what casino bonuses are and how wagering requirements operate.Whatever your topic, these tips and examples should help you deliver an excellent article. Happy writing!