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About Submitting Work

Getting Something Read is a small publishing site dedicated to short works. We publish short poems and short prose (fiction, essays or other nonfiction).

We accept original unpublished works. We will accept previously published work, if the author is the copyright holder and the previous publisher is cited. Before submitting your work, please review this page and our Copyright Information page.

Less is more.
Submissions are limited to one poem of 12 lines or less, or one prose work of 700 words or less.

We only except work submitted via our own submission form. It can be accessed here.


  1. This is a non-commercial website.
  2. We do not charge nor do we pay for submissions.
  3. We do not publish what we do not like.
  4. We will not publish submissions we find offensive or needlessly inflammatory.
  5. We will delete inappropriate, rude or offensive comments.
  6. We reserve to ourselves the right to determine what is inappropriate, rude, offensive or inflammatory and to block addresses that abuse our resources, authors or readers.