For thousands of years, writing has been a common way for people to express themselves. Seeing the way our society is heading, the trend is definitely not going away in the foreseeable future. On the contrary, while the world gets more and more digitalized, and methods of communication keep moving from the physical world to computers, tablets, and smartphones, the value of written text becomes increasingly important. It is not only your mundane everyday type of communication but also a more deep and meaningful style of self-expression.Short Poem is created for those interested in two specific types of written text: poems and short stories. The two literary forms include a countless amount of different types of writings, from short stories of all possible genres to haikus and song lyrics.If you are interested in writing or maybe just reading poems or short stories, you have come to the right place. We offer information on anything related to the topics of the history of poems and short stories, language planning, what are the genres and forms, what is in right now, and where to begin in writing the kind of text that falls under either of the literary forms in question.Unlike informative texts and everyday communication, poems and short stories sit at the creative end of writing. The general idea is to express as much as you can with a relatively small amount of words. Often the writers seek to create pictures in readers’ minds, provoking certain thoughts and feelings. What the readers of such literature seek, to put it simply, is usually either entertainment or art – and these two are by all means not mutually exclusive. Whichever kind of producer or consumer of poems and short stories you are, will certainly be of value to you.So step in, look around, and take your time absorbing the available information and tips on this subject.