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As His Death Approached

by Joseph Milsosch

As his death approached,
she became more like her father.
She planned her week
around football.
When Sunday arrived,
she attended church,
making it home in time
for the opening kickoff.
As he watched the game, she sat
beside him, reading the funnies.
When diabetes took his foot,
cancer gave her feet neuropathy.
As he limped, she limped.
When he needed glasses
to watch TV, she found that
she needed them to read.
At his funeral, they buried
his ashes in a container,
and she purchased a vase
to hold red carnations
under his name on his stone.
When she became sad
at his funeral, her husband
viewed her from across
the room. He thought
if he wrote about her sadness,
how would anyone know
what the words meant.

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