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by Howie Good In ragged company on a day cold enough to freeze tears swigging from a paper bag under the overpass with the frantic gestures of a drowning man and the unseen sea incited as by dementia and full of tiny lives shaking its silver bracelets — Howie Goods poetry collections Everything Reminds Me Of […]

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Late Sleeper

by Howie Good You who stayed up too late last night get up get up everyone else is already up the world is an incomplete sentence without you I know the leaves are yellowing and it’s cold but get up please get up and look out the back window there are emergencies clouds acts of […]

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The News at 11

by Howie Good The world is a rifle butt smashed in your face a panting hand reaching for your only child And now the weather What if our hearts weren’t such paper-thin bags of blood and vomit what if they were shiny like the water-bright coats of prancing red horses — Howie Goods poetry collections Everything […]

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Love During Wartime

by Howie Good Time to crack open that bottle the previous tenants bequeathed to us. We can drink to whatever you want – lack of sleep, importune prayers, another day of freedom from the landlord’s fretful knock – then tumble into bed, our bones loosened, our minds in happy disarray, despite, or perhaps because, it’s […]

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Why I Feel How I Do

by Howie Good Because day by day I am less real Because the cemetery half-listens Because the mirror mutters too Because stranded here for now Because the sky is everyone’s Because though poorly patched in places and attracted to the form of a mountain Because like an accidental gunshot Because she says it isn’t raining […]

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by Howie Good I like the way it sounds like a splash of bells, and a giant stumbling heart, and the prayerful name of the saint of vagrants. And I like what it means, something added – Sorry, or Love you, or tomorrow. — Previously published on Right Hand Pointing  — Howie Goods poetry collections Everything […]

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