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The News at 11

by Howie Good

The world is a rifle butt
smashed in your face

a panting hand reaching
for your only child

And now the weather

What if our hearts weren’t
such paper-thin bags

of blood and vomit
what if they were shiny

like the water-bright coats
of prancing red horses

Howie Goods poetry collections Everything Reminds Me Of Me and Lovesick can be found on Amazon.

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2 Responses to “The News at 11”

  1. Julia Haw says:

    what if our hearts..weren’t such paper-thin bags…
    this line.. really, it’s so aching and tender. it is very fragile.

  2. This poem made me realize how fragile our human existence is and we almost forget that we are here to live forever.

    It’s times like these which makes us think how non-permanent(if there is such a word) we are.

    Such a great poem as it rings in my heart and make me feel the pain.

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