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Winter Haiku, 2012

by Neal Whitman, Poetry Prof

The tilting of the Earth is continuous. The cycle of the seasons is a circle. De Rerum Natura – the Nature of Things. What humans do is to mark time. Make lists. De Rerum Humanorum – Human Nature. And, the seasons compete for your favorite. Maybe you are a “winter” person. Competition also human nature, eh?

one snowflake
in an avalanche
poetry contest

2 Responses to “Winter Haiku, 2012”

  1. joan meyers says:

    that haiku makes me actually want to create one!!!!

  2. Neal Whitman says:

    Joan has made my day, as a Carmel neighbor might say. Today Elaine and I went on our traditional Asilomar Beach walk — not only Christmas, but her birthday. I brought home a stone and a haiku:
    eleven bells
    the harbor seal’s holding gaze
    under milky skies
    Amicus poeticae,

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