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Winter Haiku

By Neal Whitman

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice this year occurs on December 21: in my neck of the woods (Pacific Standard Time) at 3:38* in the afternoon. I do not know about you, but as the sun lowers in the late afternoon, around 4:00 or so, I turn to our fireplace to bring warmth into the room. Oh, thanks to central heating, the house is warm enough. Still, my spirit welcomes the reminder that the Feast of Juul was a pre-Christian festival observed in Scandinavia at the time of the December solstice. Fires were lit to symbolize the heat, light and life-giving properties of the returning sun. A Yule or Juul log was brought in and burned on the hearth in honor of the Scandinavian god Thor.

a quiet time
as the afternoon fades
reaching for a match

*6:38 PM EST
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